This company was established in the early 1970’s as Pasadena Ice Service (dba Baytown Ice Co.), and we have continued to grow throughout the years.  We understand the needs of the hardworking people in the field that depend on ice for their consumption and safety.


*  Our lead driver has worked here for over 30 years and his experience is surpassed by none.

*  Our drivers will work with your employees to create a delivery schedule that works best for you and the ever-changing demands of your plant.

*  From day-to-day operations, to special situations and huge demand, we can meet your needs.

*  During turnarounds, we can provide additional ice merchandisers freezers.

*  Even better than that, during high volume manpower, we can provide pallets of ice, on-site, in 18-wheeler trailers.  Your employees can off-load the ice as needed to keep up with high volume demand.

Or in the case of natural disasters such as hurricanes, these diesel driven reefer units full of ice can be available.

We know at Baytown Ice, LLC that our standards and service will equal safety and cost advantages for you.